Trade Shows

The Secret of  Trade Show Success

Exhibiting at a trade show is advertising.


The Professional Sales Entertainer, compared to an ordinary booth,
is like the color advertisement compared to the black and white ad.
Any participation in a trade show is costly, but you can insure your success by
used a “grabber” to make sure the largest number of people will hear the benefits
of doing business with your company.


The Sales Entertainer learns from your current advertisements, Catalog, sales sheets & Publicity materials as well as the background information on the company. He then develops a show that drive home the most important customer benefits of your company with constant repetition.

A Professional Sales Entertainer will blend prizes and give always into his

presentation to give an “on purpose” look to all of the activities in the booth.


A new Marketing Team Member

A good sales entertainer can and should become a member of your sales team, and can often be used for public relations work, in addition to the addition to the presentation in the booth.


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Let us help you turn your trade show booth into an action based branding experience

After spending thousands of dollars on your trade show presence don’t let your your sales team just sit waiting for the next attendee to wander in. we will have prospects lined up to get your information.

Let Robert Berry draw your future clients to your booth, deliver your message and spike their interest.


*Massively Increasing your exhibit traffic

*Branding your company

*Creating a lasting impression on visitors

*Cultivating leads for your sales team

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Maximizing The Company Hospitality Suite

There is a much greater variety in the types, styles, and sizes of hospitality rooms than there are booths on the trade show floor. I’ve seen them as small as an ordinary double bed suite and as large as the grand ballroom of the hotel.

Most companies invite guests up, feed them a lot of shrimp and other finger food, have an open bar, with a number of company representatives standing around to tell the latest stories. Is this congruent with your companies messaging?  Does this take full advantage of the potential of a hospitality suite? Don’t merely repeat what all of the others have been doing. This room is just as important in making sales for the company as the booth on the trade show floor. Let us show you how to make your hospitality suite a sales generator.

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