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Robert Berry has more five star reviews than any other entertainer in Houston.

So You Can Relax And Rest Assured That Your Entertainment Is In The Hands Of A Professional

Anna Reger
5 star review 1 hour ago
Robert Berry is a class act. Everyone loved him and he was so amazing. He had…

Posted by Robert Berry on Wednesday, January 6, 2021

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Here are just a few of the ways Robert Berry Can Help you:

The Grand illusion opener / closer

You need something big to open / close your event. Something that will stick in the minds of all those who attend long after the event closes. Why not have your CEO appear on stage in a NAS car.

The 15 minute warm up:

Your attendees roll into town, stay up late, get up early and show up to your morning conference, jet lagged hung over and half a sleep.

Let Robert and his team get your audience wide awake, pumped and motivated for the day. Robert will stimulate your morning sessions with a

quick round of incredible magic feats and then hit them with a motivational thought to get them pumped to learn.


The Social

Attendees come from all over the country and else where. They may not know everybody.  There is nothing worse than feeling like the outsider at a party. Performing strolling magic, Robert pulls small groups of people together and makes introductions ensuring everyone is involved and having fun. If there is a stray Robert will find them and

get them engaged insuring they feel welcomed. Let Robert be your good will ambassador.


Evening Entertainment/ Awards Ceremony

An incredible show featuring





an amazing escape

All in one show

See our page on awards banquets:

Robert can be your M.C., Greeter or Main Event Entertainer

M.C. / Announcer

The First 15 seconds make or break any presentation. Don’t take chances with yours. Hire a professional award winning speaker and entertainer to make your introductions and announcements.



Virtual Host

Our team of virtual producer can help you host you events live or on line. Whether you need a virtual meeting room or entertainment we have your back.

See our virtual entertainment page 



Motivational Speakers and humorist Robert Berry and former Houston Rocket Jackey Dorsey

Will motivate and inspire your group with trues life stories, humor and insights.

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Trade show booth

The Professional Sales Entertainer, compared to an ordinary booth,
is like the color advertisement compared to the black and white ad.
Any participation in a trade show is costly, but you can insure your success by
used a “grabber” to make sure the largest number of people will hear the benefits
of doing business with your company. Read more


Comedy Hypnosis Shows

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Stress Relief / Hypnosis session

Why not end the day with a mind massage. As a corporate hypnotist Robert can not only entertain your group but also

Show them how to capture the power of the subconscious mind to reach their goals.

We can help you lower your insurance cost, improve your employees health, efficiency and over all satisfaction with our corporate talks and demonstrations.

We Have  programs available for

Weight Loss


Anxiety / Stress Relief

Goal Conquering


Robert also has a vast network of connections across the entertainment industry.

So give us a call if you need a local lounge singer, Band, corporate juggler, ect..


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