Trade Show Magician

The role of the trade magician is to:

Stop and engage show attendees walking down the aisle.

Deliver a professional, entertaining, and informative presentation about the company and it’s products and / or services.

Pre-qualify the crowd for the sales force.

Send the gathered crowd to a registration reactor lead capture and (perhaps) a free gift.

During my many years attending trade show, I’ve seen companies use a wide range of attention getters to attract attendees to their booths. I’ve seen many companies spend their money on give aways (including coffe, donuts, pens and more, only to have a hoard of people go through their booth and grab the give- aways and move on with out even a thank you. Even if you require a badge scan for the give away, this is still an un-qualified scan an could be just another waste of sales force time.

According to a study by Exhibits Surveys, a marketing research group specializing in trade show marketing statics, live presentations using entertainment are the most effective attention getting techniques in the trade show environment. And next to product demonstrations, magicians receive the highest ratings with regards to company and product identification.