The Hypnotist

First, Let Me Introduce Myself:

I’m,Graduate of:
The Jerry Valley School of Stage Hypnosis
The Mark Savard School of Stage Hypnosis
The International Institute of Hypnosis
Advance Stage hypnosis certified by Hypnotic Entertainer Success Conference
Register with the The Association of  S.H.O.W.  (The Stage Hypnotist of The World )
Also advanced studies under Brian Dean and Rich Guzzi.



These names and Institutions mean little to you. But they do say I am a professional stage hypnotist with over 30 years of training and experience.

My shows are safe, interactive and down right fun


This is

The Ultimate Audience Participation Show

It does not get any more entertaining than this. Everyone can become a star in this dynamic comedy of the mind. Clean -cut comedy in a full stage presentation.



Are you ready to book the show they will be talking about for years to come?

Are you ready to become the hero of the party for booking this act ?

With thousands of shows under his belt Robert has become the master hypnotist.