The Hypnotist


Are you ready to book the show they will be talking about for years to come?

Are you ready to become the hero of the party for booking this act ?

With thousands of shows under his belt Robert has become the master hypnotist.

Programs / Talks / Demonstrations

Corporate presentations

We can help you lower your insurance cost, improve your employees health, efficiency and over all satisfaction with our corporate talks and demonstrations.

We Have  programs available for

Weight Loss


Anxiety / Stress Relief

Your employees want to loose weight, quit smoke, and sleep better. In Robert’s corporate programs he demonstrates the uses of hypnosis to treat these problems. Robert then teaches your employee how to use these skills to over come these issues in their own lives.

Every program includes a group hypnosis session and every employee goes away with a session download to reinforce the hypnotic suggestions daily.

Robert give your employees all the tools to successful overcome some of their greatest obstacles.

This program pays for it’s self with the lower¬† insurance cost, improved employees health, efficiency and over all satisfaction.

Benefit from

less sick days

Less smoke breaks

Less depression

Higher energy employees

Let us Help you!