Comedy Hypnosis Show


“Our company hired Robert Berry for (4) celebrations in various locations, throughout the United States. Our groups varied in sizes from our smallest group of 14-32 up to our larger groups of over 100, and he amazed us all! 

We give Robert a standing “APPLAUSE” for his talent and ability to connect with people. We would highly recommend Robert as your next entertainer”

Carol Larson
“I chose Robert to perform at our Christmas party for 110+ guests because I watched him in action before (I was one of his subjects/volunteers) and I had a really good time. And as I suspected, he did not disappoint.”
Wendy McNichols

The Ultimate Audience Participation Show

It does not get any more entertaining than this. Everyone can become a star in this fast paced action packed show.

Clean -cut comedy

Thrilling Edge of your seat Entertainment

More than a comedy show—it’s an experience!
truly amazing, breath taking and hysterically funny experience!

The only show that combines audience participation,mentalism, magic, music, and improvisational comedy.

Your audience will be mesmerized, captivated and astonished.

There is not another show like this out there!


An amazing  experience where the audience becomes the stars!

Watch as Robert hypnotizes audience volunteers (including YOUR friends) right before your eyes. Then he puts them into the most outrageously funny scenarios you can possibly imagine.

You will leave the show feeling good, having experienced a funny and uplifting event.

You will book Robert again, and again and next time, maybe you will volunteer yourself.

Grab your camera because you DO NOT WANT TO MISS THIS!


What Separates us from the rest:

  • We focus on high energy professional entertainment
  • One show featuring all the magical arts (magic, mentalism and hypnosis)
  • A dynamite sound track
  • Fast paced original & modern routines
  • The fastest & most powerful display of hypnosis
  • A positive and motivational message
  • Our focus on safety and excellence keeps everything safe, fun, & organized, So you can relax and enjoy the show.


Are you ready to book the show they will be talking about for years to come?

Are you ready to become the hero of your event for booking this completely original act ?



With thousands of shows under his belt Robert has become the master Entertainer

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The Jerry Valley School of Stage Hypnosis


The Mark Savard School of Stage Hypnosis


Brian Dean School of Stage Hypnosis


Rich Guzzi  School of Stage Hypnosis


The International Institute of Hypnosis


Advance Stage hypnosis certified by Hypnotic Entertainer Success Conference


Register with the The Association of  S.H.O.W.  (The Stage Hypnotist of The World )


These names and Institutions mean little to you. But they do say I am a professional stage hypnotist with over 30 years of training and experience.

My shows are safe, interactive and down right fun

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