Ideas for your up coming conference.

Here are some ideas on how Robert can help you with your up coming conference.


The Wake up:

Have Robert open your morning sessions for you.

Robert can get everyone’s creative juices flowing with a quick interactive magic experience.

Then inspire everyone with a motivational insight. a great way to get your group ready ,excited and focused for the day.

Couple this with one of Robert’s mini Keynotes for a great way to kick start a day.

The Meet And Greet:

Having Robert entertain during the meet and greet is a great way to get your social started.

Getting your event started is the hardest part. Without discussing the weather most people don’t know how to start a conversation with a stranger.

Robert learns your guests names and introduces them to one another. Robert involves your guests and leaves them with a shared experience and something incredible to talk about.

The Trade show Booth

Let Robert help you turn your trade show booth into an action based branding experience

After spending thousands of dollars on your trade show presence don’t let your your sales team just sit waiting for the next attendee to wander in. Robert can have prospects lined up to get your information.

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The Hospitality Suite

Take full advantage of the potential of a hospitality suite. Don’t merely repeat what all of the others have been doing. This room is just as important in making sales for the company as the booth on the trade show floor, and here are some ways to make it as efficient.

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The Awards Banquet

Robert will build the anticipation for the awards ceremony to come with his exclusive one of a kind  Stage Show. This show focuses on the character of your company and it’s people, celebrating the things that unite us all. By the end of the show your guests will be in a focused, positive state of mind, anticipating in the awards to come.

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Make your CEO Appear

Yes, Robert can make your CEO appear on stage in a stunning and magical way. What a great way to open a conference.


If you want to motivate your managers, employees and customer service professionals, give them the Why!

Robert delivers powerful motivating messages that drives your professionals to new heights. Robert will give them the Why! and you will watch them take off.

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Problem solving


Reaching Goals

Personal fulfillment

Group Hypnosis session

Have Robert deliver a group hypnosis session. Robert can relax, then focus your group for maximum potential. This make a great mid-day session re-focusing a group after the mid-day break.

Team Building Exercises

Robert’s team building exercises not only teach your group some new skills to use in your industry but also teach them a skill they will use for the rest of their lives.

Robert’s “A” list of performers and models.

Having worked in Houston’s entertainment community for over 30 years Robert has established relationships with Houston’s hottest performers and models. Give us a call if we can help you out in anyway.