Hosting A Successful Country Club, Hotel or Restaurant Event

Step 1) Book an amazing and versatile Entertainer at least a month in advance.

You want something more than just another, band, singer or comedian. There are dozens of venues in Houston that offer these options. Don’t compete against every bar and night club in the city. Offer something unusual and attention grabbing.

Magic Show

Hypnosis Show

These shows have it all… :

  • Audience participation
  • Clean cut comedy
  • Attention grabbing excitement
  • and much much more!

These shows come complete with a full sound system, microphones and everything else needed for the show.

Step 2) Flyers: 

Flyers are an important part of your event promotion. Your flyers need to catch the eye and build excitement. Unless you are an amazing graphic designer get help. Most Entertainers have their own promotional materials free of charge. Just ask.  But if they don’t, check out You can find a great graphic designer for under $25. Just like Amazon, look at their ratings and reviews. You’re going to love this resource for all your events.

Step 3) Make it easy

Purchasing tickets needs to be easy and trackable. This is going to change your world.

  • They Create an amazing webpage for you
  • Low fees (extremely affordable)
  • Online ticket processing with stripe or paypal
  • Instant ticket and attendee  list and tracking
  • Free phone app for ticket scanning at the event.

This allows anyone to buy and print a ticket at their convenience. It also allow you to track your ticket sales on demand and use that list to market your next event.

Step 4)  Restaurant area:

If your club has a regular operating restaurant post the event at the bottom or on the back of your menu.  Another option would be to print post cards extremely cheap (at vista and use table top card holders (seen below). You could use the same graphics from your flyers and have postcards printed and placed in a holder on each table. This simple tip will encourage people to talk about the event during lunch or diner with their friends, with whom they might make plan to attend with.

Step 5) Web-site:

Be sure to post your event on your web-site and social media. once again using the digital copy of the your flyer.

Step 6) Email:

58% of all ticket sales are made with in one week of an event. Knowing this, you should send out a email blast to your community 1 week prior the the event and again 2 day prior to the event.


Now relax and remember:

58% of all tickets are sold with in a week of the event.

13.7% are sold with in 2 days of the event.

18.9% are sold 1 day before the event.

And finally 32.5%are sold the day of the event.

So, don’t panic.

  • You have hire an amazing entertainer (
  • You have created a eye catching flyer
  • You have posted the event to your web-site, facebook, twitter and instagram accounts
  • Sent out your emails
  • and made ticket buying so easy anyone could do it.

Your an amazing Event Planner!

I can’t wait to bring this all together for you.

see you soon

Robert Berry

Magic Show

Hypnosis Show

Setting Up The Room