6 Ways to increase humor in your life:

6 Ways to increase humor in your life:

1. Seek humor daily –

Read a joke, cartoon, comic strip, listen to a comedian tape, watch a sitcom, etc.

2. Look to the humor around you –

See the world through Humor Eyes.  For example consider the Freeway sign north of the San Diego Airport that reads, “Cruise Ships: Use Airport Exit.”

3. Carry a toy or prop –

For example, I carry magic with me everywhere I go. I am always read to make someone smile.Nothing will lift your mood like lifting someone else’s. Consider getting this book “The Art of Public Squeeking” by Doc Wayne. available here: www.Penguinmagic.com/p/467

4. Subscribe to a joke service –

The internet is filled with these.

5. Share (in person, if possible) a favorite funny daily with a favorite friend. –

This will help keep you connected!

6. Hire Robert Berry Houston comedy speaker, Entertainer and magician.

Share and spread the fun with your employees and watch the humor flow. The world is a lot happier place when we all learn how to laugh at our selves and the world around us.