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Corporate presentations

Robert blends his teachings with a long time passion for comedy and magic in a series of insightful, fun presentations about mastering the subconscious mind. These presentations are quickly being embraced by organizations for their ability to get people to take action.

Have you ever tried to change an unhealthy habit and failed because you couldn’t stick with it? Often it’s your subconscious mind, not your lack of willpower, that is keeping you from succeeding. Your subconscious mind influences what you think and feel. Hypnosis for wellness can help you overcome your subconscious mind and thereby reduce or eliminate unhealthy habits.

Hypnosis can help you stop smoking or overeating. It also has been successful in reducing or eliminating common fears and phobias, such as public speaking and fear of flying. Hypnosis is also used in a medical environment to help patients suffering from disease and chronic pain. The most common applications of hypnosis for wellness being used in workplace today are smoking cessation and weight management programs.

Group formats can be used in both cases to help employees overcome unhealthy habits. The group hypnosis approach has proven to be an effective, supportive and motivating forum for making lifestyle changes

Key to success


Robert can help you lower your insurance cost, improve your employees health, efficiency and over all satisfaction with our corporate talks and demonstrations.

We haveĀ  programs available for:

Weight Loss


Anxiety / Stress Relief

Your employees want to loose weight, quit smoking, and sleep better. In Robert’s corporate programs he demonstrates the uses of hypnosis to treat these problems. Robert then teaches your employees how to use these skills to overcome these issues in their own lives.

Every program includes a group hypnosis session and every employee goes away with a session download to reinforce the hypnotic suggestions daily.

Robert gives your employees all the tools to successfully overcome some of their greatest obstacles.

This program pays for itself with the lower insurance cost, improved employee health, efficiency and over all satisfaction.

Benefit from:

less sick days

Less smoke breaks

Less depression

Higher energy employees

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