Robert Berry lecture.
Starting at 12:00 NOON next Saturday, September 9, 2017, there will be an in store workshop of slight of hand magic by EPO customer, comedian, professional magician, and amazing guy, Robert Berry.

Robert does professional corporate magic exhibitions with over 25yrs experience. In our workshop, Robert will be demonstrating and teaching techniques from the S.S. Adams tricks and illusions we stock as well as more sophisticated tricks we keep here. If you have an interest in slight of hand, this is a great opportunity to learn and ask a master questions.

This workshop is sure to be entertaining and inspirational for anyone who enjoys illusions and magic.

This workshop demonstrates and teaches how to perform many of the classic magic tricks we have here at Electronic Parts Outlet. It is also a great opportunity to audition a truly great professional performer for your next company event.

This workshop is geared towards everyone, from the elementary school student to the post-grad hobbyist. There is no charge to attend. RSVP is not required, but really appreciated, please let us know if you think you can come. We hope to see you here!