OpportunityEach morning when our eyes open our day lays before us like a blank page. Opportunities abound endlessly. We are bless with all the freedom the world has to offer. Think about it. We can choose to go to work or to stay home in bed. We can choose to drive in circles in a parking lot all day or to watch t.v. till our mind goes totally numb. Our choice are even more open than that. Consider this for a moment this for a moment.

All day long you are going to make make choices. Some may disagree, saying “I have to go to work” or “I can’t do this or that.” But this is not the truth.

You choose to work or not to work. Or to do this or that. Sure your choices have consequences, but they are still your choices.

Part of being a man is taking responsibility for your choices. If your unemployed it is by choice. There is work out there to do, you just may not like what available.

If your finically broke it is by choice for you could always work more or spend less.

It has alway disturbed me to hear a man say the words “I can’t”. It is admitting defeat. I don’t want to would be accurate. “I have to” is another phase that should be removed from the male vocabulary.

If your at work today consider this, you chose to be there. Since it was your choice to be there. What are you going to do know you are there? You would think you would enjoy your work giving it your all.

Tomorrow a new day will dawn. Will you rise to it and be the man you were meant to be or will you sink under the weight of it, unable to make your own decisions and stand by them.