He was looking at his watch

Ok, It was 7:30 am on Saturday morning. I had already been to the gym and I was pretty hyped up. I needed new tires so I headed over to Discount tire. Arriving 30 minutes before they were open I could see a sales meeting going on inside. The sales manager was standing in front of his group. I don’t know what he was saying, but I was watching his group.

Here we go one guy was no kidding, boldly picking his nose, one was checking his watch sitting right in front of the speaker and no kidding one was thumbing through a magazine. But no one was focused on the speaker did this stop him? No, I don’t believe he even noticed.

Alright did I mention I just came from the gym and was all hyped up, I mean more than usual. So I’m jumping up and down out side their door yelling at the speaker. “Hey they aren’t listening” , “Look he’s reading”   Finally the doors opened and I explode into the show room. Yea they weren’t ready for me.

I’m telling the sales manager to give his employees a test on his presentation. I start pointing out the offenders. Employees are scattering into the garage to escape. Now I tell the sales manager how I can help him.

His next words “Your Hired”

Do you need my help