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Is Your Trade Show Booth Packed With Prospects?

As the attendees of a trade show stroll down the aisles, they are presented with a staggering number of choices. With 100 or even 1000 exhibits to see in a time frame of three or four days, smart companies often look for ways to make their exhibit stand out from the others and attract the attention of the attendees walking past. Enter the trade show magician.

Participating in a trade show is a huge investment. Successful ROI depends on the number of qualified leads that you’re able to generate during the trade show.

Let Robert help you turn your trade show booth into an action based branding experience

After spending thousands of dollars on your trade show presence don’t let your your sales team just sit waiting for the next attendee to wander in. Robert can have prospects lined up to get your information.

Let trade show magician Robert Berry draw your future clients to your booth, deliver your message and spike their interest.


*Massively Increasing your exhibit traffic

*Branding your company
*Creating a lasting impression on visitors
*Cultivating leads for your sales team

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Maximizing The Company Hospitality Suite

There is a much greater variety in the types, styles, and sizes of hospitality rooms than there are booths on the trade show floor. I’ve seen them as small as an ordinary double bed suite and as large as the grand ballroom of the hotel.

Most companies invite guests up, feed them a lot of shrimp and other finger food, have an open bar, with a number of company representatives standing around to tell the latest stories. Is this congruent with your companies messaging?  Does this take full advantage of the potential of a hospitality suite? Don’t merely repeat what all of the others have been doing. This room is just as important in making sales for the company as the booth on the trade show floor. Let us show you how to make your hospitality suite a sales generator.

Would you like to have your key buyers hear a one-hour
commercial on your product, and LIKE it?

lets us present your sales package to your key buyers with the slickness of a Broadway production, the air of a posh Chicago cocktail party, and wrapped in the
friendliness of California hospitality.
WATCH CLOSELY! is a one-hour, entertaining presentation that sells the merits of your products or services to an invited audience. Your best sales points are shown through magic and custom sleight-of-hand so your guests become personally involved with your product.

This extraordinary event is especially strong for:

Qualified prospects
Key buyers and representatives
Exceptional dealers and salesmen
Valued Customers
Supportive vendors and consultants
High-quality employees

WATCH CLOSELY! is a turnkey presentation that uses as little of your valuable time as possible. After the initial meetings, your involvement is reduced to progress approvals and attending the show.

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