If I could give you something that shows you how to:
-Improve team building
-Improve customer service
-Boost employee moral and company loyalty
-Prevent the build up of stress, which can lead to heart attacks and illness
-Improve communication
-Make you a hipper, sexier, more romantic, fun, healthier person
-Seem better looking, have higher moral, superior bowell movements

Would you be interested?

I am going to introduce you to a wonderful vitamin that doctors know and research shows exists and will help you gain all of the above.

Vitamine H – Humor!

A funny thing is happening in companies all around the world these days. From the smallest to the largest fortune 500 corporations, businesses are learning to put fun to work. The word is out that employees who enjoy their jobs work more effectively and are more productive


Using comedy and a touch of magic to create a captivating, fun and interactive experience. Robert will inspire your group to work together to reach your sales or service goals.

Each presentation is customized with your company logo and vision statement

 guaranteed to:

– Captivate and engage your people with warmth, humor and heart.
– Communicate your key message
– Motivate and inspire by connecting what the head knows and the heart feels.
– Inspire each individual that anything IS possible with focus and a connection with others.

…all while entertaining and engaging your people from start to finish!

Corporate retreats, sales kick off meetings, distributor meetings, convention kick offs and more. Character, integrity, teamwork, valuing one another. Dedication, loyalty, customer centered service

Let me help you.

Robert Berry


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