The Magic

Robert has been entertaining audiences professionally for over twenty years and is one of the most highly recommended performers in the corporate market.


As a magician, stage hypnotist and public speaker, Robert is in high demand across the country, performing for companies in all industries.

Robert’s magic has been called strong, engaging and entertaining by top industry leaders. Robert’s style of classy comedy brings people together to laugh and be amazed, giving even the most cynical of adults the youthful experience of childhood wonder and amazement.

Robert has been featured on nationally syndicated radio and astounded audiences across the country.



For Your Next Event Consider

Strolling Magic:

Private shows at your guests tables or as they gather in small groups. Corporate entertainer Robert will walk amongst your guests performing intimate miracles. If you’re having an event like a cocktail party and you’re really looking to create a big impression then strolling entertainment is perfect.

Your guest will be amazed as Robert pulls their signed card from his wallet or bends forks in their hands, with nothing more than the power of his mind. If you want to impress everyone at the event, this is the type of performance you want to hire Robert for.

Parlor Shows:

Great for small gatherings. A smaller version of our stage show, perfect for the board room. Lightening up a meeting or entertaining a small group, Robert can have your group enthralled as he reads their minds and challenges their senses.

This show packs small and plays big. Easily sets-up and beaks down in seconds. If you want to end your meeting with a bang, Robert’s parlor show is the answer for you. We offer magic and mentalism Parlor Shows

Stage show:

Our comedy stage show as been feature at the best theaters, hotels and conference centers across America. In an act called “Robert B. & Honey” corporate entertainer Robert Berry and Karen Herera shine on stage in an explosion of comedy magic and mentalism.

With all the flare of a vegas act this fast paced, audience interactive show will have all your guest standing and cheering.

If your looking to bring Vegas to your event this is the show for you.

Convention Booth:

Draw a crowd to your booth with Robert’s personalized corporate close-up.

Drive your message home with images that will stick with attendees, long after they leave, and bring future customers back to you booth again and again to hear your message