Let me ask you a few questions….

• Are people all excited about going to your award’s banquet?

• Are the spouses out buying new dresses or talking it up?

• Are your employees all talking smack about who’s going to win the awards?

• Do you have things in place to get people introduced to one another? To guests?

• Do you have people sitting with others in different departments to build bridges?

• Do you have a program that builds up to the significance of the awards?

• Do you fully communicate to everyone how important and valued they are?

• Do people accept their awards with enthusiasm like winning an Grammy?

• Do you have a special moment to thank and recognize the spouses for their support?

• Do you find people proudly displaying their awards at the office the next day?

• Do think that people are going to tell others that this is a DO NOT MISS event next year?

We can make all of this happen.

Most awards events do not have a host. When they do, it is usually Sally from human resources or the association’s executive director. Not usualy a good choice.

You can ratchet things up a notch by hiring perfessional talent.

Robert Berry will tailor craft a star studded event for your group. Making your awards presentations the most anticipated event of the year. Robert is funny, quick on His feet and good with one-liners. Robert’s clean-cut comedy leaves the audience rolling with laughter.

Robert can M.C. your award banquet, keeping everything running smooth, on time and fun.

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Give us a call. Let us work with you to create a sizzling event