Let me ask you a few questions….


• Are people all excited about going to your award’s banquet?

• Are the spouses out buying new dresses or talking it up?

• Are your employees all talking smack about who’s going to win the awards?

• Do you have things in place to get people introduced to one another? To guests?

• Do you have people sitting with others in different departments to build bridges?

• Do you have a program that builds up to the significance of the awards?

• Do you fully communicate to everyone how important and valued they are?

• Do people accept their awards with enthusiasm like winning an Grammy?

• Do you have a special moment to thank and recognize the spouses for their support?

• Do you find people proudly displaying their awards at the office the next day?

• Do think that people are going to tell others that this is a DO NOT MISS event next year?


We can make all of this happen for you.


Robert Berry will tailor craft a star studded event for your group. Making your awards presentation  the most anticipated event of the year. We will deliver your companies message of caring in a positive, memorable and most importantly meaningful way, making your event unforgetable. 


Robert’s promise to you is that he will NEVER use any ethnic, religious, or “suggestive” humor in anything he does. Never.


From the moment your employees, customers or guests receive their invitations to the final bow Robert will guide you with the small details that make a successful event.


Let Robert start entertaining your guest the minute they arrive with Mingling Magic. There is nothing worse than feeling like the outsider at a party. Robert pulls small groups of people together and makes introductions enuring everyone is envolved and having fun. 

After dinner Robert will build the anticipation for the awards ceremony to come with his exclusive one of a kind  Stage Show. This show focuses on the character of your company and it’s people, celebrating the things that unite us. By the end of the show your guests will be in a focused, positive state of mind, anticipating in the awards to come.


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